The Party

the room entered me as soon as i walked in exploding imploding brain with chatter noise crazy loud talk about impressionists buddhists bohemians poets bikers modernists insane drunk sober unbearable chatter  noise not enough tequila to ease my quiet angst hysteria exploding imploding  brain cells dead mind numbing shatter noise    


With the grace of a gazelleshe floated amongst the flowersof all rainbow huesstopping, smelling, studying,admiring as an aesthetemight search for truthin a tome that could explainrapturous enchantment.

Library of the Occult (Final)

Six months later, Emma walked proudly across the stage to receive her PhD in Historical Studies from Harvard University. Her dissertation had received high praise from her graduate committee. Her major professor was urging her to expand it into a book. Her family was in the audience and after the ceremony they all hovered around … Continue reading Library of the Occult (Final)