morning mandala

quiet flows from
the mandala valley 
resting below sacred mountains.

dakas & dakinis play hide & seek,
through green sage & pinion they peek.

goddess tara watches and smiles
with love at such antics and wiles.

red robed figures move silently as one
quiet through mist before the sun.

dew from midnight’s cool desert rain 
giving desert growth a new green refrain.

a new day peers over the tall east wall
to shine on the new morning call. 

so it begins ---

gate, gate
gone, gone ---

to the golden temple before
for meditation to explore
empty minds to find compassion 
in an infinite deep silent ocean.

gate, gate 
bodhi svaha

gone, gone, gone to the further shore ---


Is there perfect silence?
A truism of the meaning?
In a noisy bustling world?

A baby’s cry?
Music on every corner?
Cars & trucks & motorcycles and trains?

A footstep in a rain?
A chattering t.v.?
A dog barking closely?

A teapot’s shrill whistle?
A jet plane in the sky?
A banshee’s cry in the forest?

A salamander on a rock?
An eagle’s hunting cry?
A wolf howling in the mountains?

A meditation 100 
miles from anywhere in 
an empty sage desert stillness? 

A fly buzzes in my ear. 

The Bus

A lone vulture circled 
carrion now quiet
along a lost desert road.

Carmen played her guitar
singing a lugubrious song
of desperate lone lands
where blue sage grew 
for my Shaman’s magical wands.

She cannot strum.
Wind does not blow.
Rain does not come.
Rivers can’t flow.

Tarantulas silent under 
their rock for cool.

The vulture had long ago left.
The blue bus was leaving.
Carmen finished her song.

Wearing a Mask

FIrst of all, I wear a mask in public not for me but for YOU.
I am educated enough to realize I may be asymptomatic and could give YOU the virus. I don’t “live in fear of the virus”; I just want to be part of the solution and not the problem. I don’t feel “the government is controlling me”; I simply feel I am a contributing adult to the community at large. The world does not revolve around me and it’s not about my comfort wearing a mask which I have found not to be at all uncomfortable, even with me having asthma. If we could all live with respect for others, it would be a better world. Wearing a mask does not make me weak, scared, stupid or controlled, it makes me considerate.


Raven flew along 
beside the one eyed man.

Raven asked, 
“Why is there is something rather than nothing?”

“Define something,” said the man.

“Define substance,” said the man.

“Define reality,” said the man.

"What's exact?" asked the man.
“Graaaaack,” said Raven.