The Road

The road is long—— The road is straight—— The road is crooked and cracked and narrow—— I say the road is hard—— Covered with nails and glass Sustenance long lost To hungry coyotes Who sleep with the white goddess In her cabin by yesterday’s forest She does not know the roads—— She does not know … Continue reading The Road

Babylon 2017

A tattooed woman and the hog-eyed man watched the parade of lost souls strolling the boulevard beyond the darkness when three apocalyptic horsemen on chrome chariots where home- less held signs asking for peace and redemption from bad music and inane poetry that permeated the polluted air somewhere north of San Francisco where tired old hippies … Continue reading Babylon 2017

the party

when i walked in the room entered me exploding imploding brain cells dying with chatter noise crazy loud talk about impressionists buddhists bohemians poets bikers modernists insane drunk sober unbearable chatter noise not enough tequila to ease my quiet hysteria exploding imploding brain cells dead mind numbing shatter noise